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20-piece 20-piece Danpete -In Washable Diapers V2 Version

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Eco-friendly diaper - pop-in washable. The diaper that follows the growth of the baby thanks to the size adjustments. Entirely made up of natural materials such as cotton and bamboo

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Eco-friendly diaper - pop-in washable.

The diaper that follows the growth of the baby thanks to the size adjustments.
Entirely made of natural materials such as cotton and bamboo makes it particularly suitable for fighting irritation and redness.


Wash the diaper before using it, this will increase, absorption but remember that a diaper needs to be washed between 4 and 6 times to achieve maximum absorption.
Bamboo absorbent may need a few more washes.

Adjust the size using clip buttons

small size 3.6-7.7kg
average size 7.7-11.3kg
large size 11.3-15.8kg

By day

Take the diaper, open it and spread it out on the changing room.
If you think it's not necessary, you can now
remove the super absorbent for the night or leave it, in that case it must be laid out for the sissy or bent for the boy.

Place the biodegradable sheet over the diaper, tucking it under the pockets of both ends and around the absorbent layer on the sides.

Now you can lay out your baby and close the diaper, pulling the tabs to make sure it's the right size.

When your child needs to be changed you simply have to open the tabs placed on the outside, remove the biodegradable sheet that together with any residue can, be thrown into the toilet (if it is only wet it can, be thrown into the garbage).
Then take another Pop-in and repeat steps 1 through 4.
Remember to check that everything is well enclosed on the outside to avoid small spills.

For babies

When using Pop-in with newborns you can remove the super absorbent for the night so that the diaper is thinner, at this age you do not need great absorption.
To fit the diaper to the neonatal size, you can use the clip buttons on the front of the outside, buttoning the farthest ones to reduce its length.
To further decrease its size, once the diaper is assembled you can turn the pocket in front of the outside, so that its interior is resting on the front of the outside and then the tabs close above it.

At night

We have created a special layer to provide the extra absorption necessary to keep the baby dry all night. This "super absorbent" layer is part of the multi-pack and wraps around the diaper booster.
This very useful layer can also be used alone in case of emergency in place of absorbent parts, in fact once folded it can be attached to the outside using the clip button it has on the back.

How to store dirty diapers

Instead of using a bucket we advise you to collect your used diapers in one of our specially designed bags (you can find them in the pack of 10).

These store diapers between washes.
Our unique ultra-sonic technology ensures there are no spills.
When washing diapers simply turn the bag over and put it in the washing machine.
If the diapers have not been soaked, we recommend that you do a cold water pre-wash first.

Washing and drying

Separates the outside from the absorbent part by opening the two clip buttons located inside the front pocket, letting the entire diaper unroll.
Tip - to save time not to peel off all the pieces!
Before washing it, close the Velcro tab on the soft bindings located on the back pocket of the outside to prevent the Velcro tabs from ruining the diaper.
Follow the washing instructions on the label.
Your diaper can be dried outdoors (preferable) or if necessary in the low temperature dryer.
The outer part should not be put in the dryer or exposed to direct sources of heat such as radiators.
Do not use softeners or bleach to wash diapers.

The POP-IN package in question includes 20 ecological diapers (assorted colors) + 6 super sanitary pads for the night + 1 bag to hold the diapers to wash + 160 biodegradable wipes.

Both super sanitary pads for the night and biodegradable wipes can be purchased apart

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