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Birillo Pali with complimentary mattress

Birillo Pali with complimentary mattress

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Birillo sunbed designed in the name of practicality to make assembly operations as simple as possible.
Strictly in compliance, the distance and shape of the splints of the banks are fundamental for the safety of the child, who at a few months begins to move in the cot.
They are arranged less than 6 cm. avoiding any danger.
The splints are totally edgeless, jump-proof and game-proof.
One-handed lowering system thanks to the exclusive "PRATICO PALI" system: a slight knee pressure on the lower part is enough and the rail gently descends into the desired position, within the sliding lanes.
Four pirouette wheels covered in "scratch-proof" rubber with two brake systems allow each sunbed to move gently anywhere in the room.
Orthopedic mesh entirely made of wooden slats equipped with the Kit "Prima Nanna Position": for the newborn it settles at the top, thus facilitating the work of the mother, settles lower when the child already knows how to climb and needs high banks so as not to fall.
Non-toxic protective sheath on the banks

Measurements cm. 133x73x103H

Recommended mattress: cm. 124x64

Drawer: yes

First nanna position: yes

Moving bank: yes

Removable lift: no

Removable mattress, anti-agar, hypoallergenic, anti-soft, etc. free of charge

Birillo bathing bag with Pali with 3 large drawers, bath tray and soft changing table.
Complete with 4 pirouetteting wheels, 2 of which with brake.

The baths are equipped with 6 handles

Pali offers a complete line of changing bags, for the care of your child, from the first days of his life. Every day, through the rite of change and bath, an important meeting of care and affection between parent and child is established.
The Pali are all equipped with a soft and hygienic padded changing room with safety sides, an anatomical tray easy to pull out and a series of accessories for every need.

All items Pali strictly MADE IN ITALY

Size: Cm. 76 x45 x90

Attention: the first drawer may be rectangular and not rounded as shown in the photo.

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