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Essence for Ok Baby diffuser - various fragrances

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Okbaby has chosen to use only 100% pure and natural essential oils to compose its range of environmental fragrances.

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Okbaby has chosen to use only 100% pure and natural essential oils to compose its range of environmental fragrances.
The composition of an essential oil is, very complex, through gas chromatography hundreds of active ingredients can be found, and this explains the numerous therapeutic virtues of every essence that can, offer us, if extracted with traditional techniques thousands of years old, its beneficial powers.
Essential oils are naturally produced by plants and perform numerous functions: they allow plants to communicate with each other and with the environment, recall useful insects, protect against aggressions and can even modify the microclimate.
Extracts with traditional techniques retain all their strength and vitality, which can be successfully used for our well-being.
Aromatherapy embraces chemistry, botany, aesthetics, psychology, neurophysiology, ethology and biology. In the history of humanity, perfume has always been a present and indispensable companion, from the stone age to the future world of nanotechnology, a world without aromas, it would be an empty world.
Perfumes, essences, effluves that envelop in a magical and real world.
It is, the new frontier of being well, with the spirit certainly, but also, and above all, with the body. It is an ancient principle but now back in the limelight: care through smells, essences scented with flowers and plants, capable of giving unparalleled relaxation, giving a smile, purifying the air. ,


Its simple and natural aroma conquers from the first moment, combines an effect of quiet familiarity, with a message of well-being and joy. The notes that make up this fragrance are pleasantly reassuring and release the sweetness of emotions. A true ode to joy.


This fragrance, rich in balsamic essences, purifies air and facilitates breathing indoors. Conifers, aromatic woods, aromatic herbs come together to create an olfactory symphony where the aromas of the forest mix with warm and enveloping tones.


A fragrance with a deliciously fruity aroma with a marked soothing effect. Ideal to accompany the rest of the little ones. Perfect for loosening tension, its gentle notes
infuse protection and security. It conveys a beneficial message of balance and harmony.


The mixtures have been studied with the aim of protecting even very young children from mosquitoes, midges and flies, simply spreading them in the environment. Insects are particularly sensitive to aromatic molecules because, they communicate essentially through chemical messages. Some plants produce fragrances to attract them and make them participate in pollination, others on the contrary make fragrances to remove them, thanks to insect repellent and insecticide essential oils, capable of disturbing their nervous system or their enzymatic processes.

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